Is there any difference between a beginner and trained Gym customer for the workout? #Kasrat

Of course, there is a fine line between in a beginner and trained person. According to their experience exercises take place.

pexels-photo-864990.jpegBeginner Exercises and Diet Plans:-

Start with a new member of a gym, Check out their stamina, fitness, ability, and age. All the things required for a specific type of workout. If you assign some hard exercises to an unfit person then might be he/she left the gym without completing their respective course. Get their information at one place instruct with clear points:

  • Start with some slow exercises and only 2 exercises, not 20 at once.
  • Give motivation to them to make fitness a habit, not their requirements.
  • Control their lifts – improper lift lead to bad experience.
  • For warm-up do elliptical machine workout.
  • Chest Press
  • Pull-ups and dips

Start with cutting calorie from customers diet. Give them proper instruction for their diet routine and role so they can clear the thing that the only exercise won’t help them with their goal. Eat healthily and live healthy should be life mantra for everyone.


Trained Exercises and Diet plans:-


Experienced gym customers can help easily with their workout and diet routine. They are already into it – healthy and maintainable lifestyle. Trained workers maintain diet according to their body level and their future goals.  Trained customers only require to maintain their current level and not increasing weight.


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Workout to relief from your Body Aches #KASRAT

Work under pressure or night shifts makes you feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Although it is a phase of life so we can not leave it in middle. We have to try other options to make our life easy and manageable with lots of work.

Is this possible and how is it possible?

  • Session – Work Exercise: –

Yes! it is achievable. Do not panic with your discomfort work schedule. Just make some time for yourself so that you can self-realize and think better. Make some free time from your office time too so that you can just roam around and do some physical activity to relax your body and eyes. Start from the office desk and do the sitting exercise like neck, hand, and eyes movement, small walk session.


  • Session – Home Exercise:-

  1. Yoga – Yoga will help you to relieve your pressure. It contains the power to soothe your mind and provides power to fight back with all your stress. Yoga steps are good for any kind of pain whether it is back pain or a headache. It will take time but will show you its effect for sure.
  2. Stretch – Stretching is good for back pain. If it is done in a right manner, reduces muscles pain and increase the power of your body. Decreases any disability or pain from continues stretching techniques. Stretching increase blood circulation in our body.
  3. Strength Training – For regular workout for pain relief we should try some strength training exercises like dumbbells, body weight, and machines. It increases your muscles tone and building your bones. Strength exercises are good for an overall body not for your back only.

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What is split workout training? #Kasrat

Is it best or worst for weight loss or gain? Let’s get into it…

If we divide our workout schedule for different days then it gets easy to do with some extra factor too. Split workout means to schedule your exercise according to days of the week. You can shuffle next week exercises for your requirements.

Check out a random routine workout for a week:

  • Monday – Arm Work
  • Tuesday – Legs
  • Wednesday – Back and Biceps
  • Thursday – Forearms
  • Friday – Shoulders and Abs
  • Saturday – Pull ups and Dips
  • Sunday – Easy walk or run
  1. Arm Work  – It is an important aspect of the workout so start with arms. Arms workout will help you to maintain and gain biceps and triceps. Use dumbbells for best practice but do not harm with over exercise.
  2. Legs – Leg workout with barbell squats and leg extensions. These will help you to get impressive and attractive too. So do not leave legs to exercise in light workout session.
  3. Back and Biceps – Pull-ups and pull down in a row for a back exercise. Deadlift and single arm dumbbell also help your back.
  4. Forearms – We should train our forearms two days in a week. For this do some dumbbells curl, barbell wrist curls, Cable Reverse Curl.
  5. Shoulders and abs – To make 6 pack or 8 pack abs you should 5-5 sets of crunches, cable crunch, plank.
  6. Pull-ups and Dips – For an impressive upper body end with chins and dips. For amazing back exercise pull-ups are best. Start with small sets but increase it slowly.

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Gym App Complete guide – #Kasrat

Gym apps are growing in health and fitness market, providing self-control on choosing a gym and personal trainer. The app can make your life more manageable and trackable too. Here is a complete picture description of our new gym app – #Kasrat Gym App

Kasrat Gym App Modules –

  • Location

Gym Locator


  • Wishlist


  • Attendance


  • Diet Reminder

    Kasrat Diet reminder

  • Exercise Planner

    Kasrat Planner

  • Kasrat Music


  • BMI Calculator

    BMI Calculator

  • Body Transformation Mirror

    body transformation mirror

  • Video Tutorial


  • Digital Payment


  • Gym Profile


  • Broadcasts and news


  • Daily Reminder


    Kasrat – Click here to get to know more about its module and working –


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Kasrat App – Why does everything need to be online? How is a gym app helpful?

why kasrat.PNG
Why Kasrat

An app solves so many problems in-hand. Every small thing can be handled online nowadays with very genuinely. People are trusting online shopping more because of the shortage of timing and home delivery options. Life is making simple day by day using some beautiful apps like flowers, food, clothes, Jewellery delivery options.

Kasrat App is a new step towards online generation or marketing. People can now book their favorite gym from home. We know that it is not easy to join a gym from home without looking into its environment and gym trainer. No issue – You can try our trial period offers first and then make any decision to join it or not. A gym is not an option, it is your decision to make yourself healthy and fit. So join any gym with its look and feel and also get so many amazing offers.

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Kasrat Gym App – Search Your Nearby Gym

Metro cities believe in digitization in each available field. Digitization is showing growth in the economy and our country improvement. Gym app is a next step in making digitization possible. Kasrat is providing a new app for gyms and their facilities online.


Kasrat Nearby gym finder


  1. Download Kasrat Gym App from play store –
  2. Check kasrat Featured gyms and their features.
  3. Search according to your location.
  4. Search according to your requirements for the gym – Unisex, Women’s or Men’s Gym.
  5. Short gyms according to your budget (Price high to low)
  6. Nearby gym finder will show you gym within 4 Km range.
  7. Save your gym choice in wish-list folder of Kasrat Gym App.
  8. View saved gym in the future.
  9. Subscribe to the best gym and best discount available for it.
  10. Kasrat Gym comes with so many discounts and offers for different gyms.
  11. Plans exist for gyms subscription – One month, Three months, Six months and Yearly Subscription.
Add gyms in wishlist

Kasrat Wish-list feature is not new as we have seen it in so many shopping websites but it’s new in a gym app, as it is providing us the future reference. Kasrat Wish-list is saving your searched gyms in its library and whenever you will be looking for your new gym subscription you can simply go there and compare it with other gym subscription.

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What to eat before and after a gym session? #Kasrat

People are starting their day with the workout, but confused to eat before or after it or not.

How much should they before or after gym?

What people have to have according to workout?

Is there any side effects of having a meal prior to workout session?

Pre-Workout Diet or Nutrition

Taking anything before any workout or exercise may get you feel sick or not feel good. Pre-workout nutrition is good too, if having only a small portion of protein pact products. Gym customers can also have their protein shake as an energy drink to boost their energy level. Do not eat too much that you cannot work out for a long time and feel like you need time relax. Prepare your diet chart for a complete week, so that you can concentrate on that rather than thinking about having more. Keep in mind that having a meal before 10-20 minutes of your training session. Ex:- Yogurt, Oatmeal,omelette.


Kasrat Diet Plan

Post-Workout Diet or Nutrition

Post-workout nutrition is important to gain energy after a power pact workout session. Healing your body or recovery from long exercise session requires more protein. How much food intake needed depends on your workout. So just calculate your time and then divide it into calories according to high-intensity or low-intensity workout. Ex:- Pancakes, Protein shake, Veg sandwich.

Check out our New gym App  – Kasrat (Your Gym Assistant) for more suggestion and timing for workout diet. Kasrat Gym App divides nutrition into the categories suggested by our personal gym gurus or trainer.


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Workaholic or Workoutaholic at Workplace

Are you a health freak person or work conscious person?

A study says that working people just ignore their gym session over workload and also eat random things to save their time. Overeating and overworking can kill your stamina to do more. If you are not moving from your chair and concentrate on your computer more than 2 hours it can cause weakness and eyesight dullness. Work is good and work is worship too but if you are not well then how to worship your god.

Take at least 10 minutes gape between two hours of work to give rest to your eyes. In these 10 minutes you can do some walk or on chair workout or stretching. Office environment should be friendly to increase the lead and work. A healthy environment requires positive energy, fresh air, smiley faces and fit bodies. So to make this decorum every one have to part in a small workout session and start a small yoga session to increase concentration power.


Stretching at workplace

A Workout is not necessarily a complete one hour exercise, it can be a 10 minutes yoga or 15 minutes walk. A Workplace is always a place where people work for minimum 10 long hours stick to their chair.

How to change your mood or start working out in office?

  • Move your eyeballs from left to right.
  • Start stretching your legs under the table.
  • Walk for your tea or water rather than ordering it.
  • Move your hands up and down for muscles stretching.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the midpoint between your eyes.
  • Drink water more often for stress relief.

If you are interested in more articles then click here  – Online Kasrat Blog and go to our gym app website here  – Kasrat.

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Be Active and get Motivated with Kasrat Reminders

Gym App with a reminder policy to wake you up for all your pending works for the gym and also for fulfilling your fitness goals. Kasrat App comes with the best feature to set reminders for your need and your requirements to get done any workout or diet planning. Kasrat App is also sending some preassigned task reminders from your gym by your trainer.

Have you heard about any App that works for you?

Yes, you heard correct. That our Kasrat Gym Assistant app is working as an assistant or coworker to give you company for your gym task. An App that gives you full access to its root if you are a subscriber to it. Gym App Subscriber can save their workout, diet, and BMI into it for future reference and calculate it after your one-month completion.

App Reminders not to disturb you but to distract you for you fitness goal

Sometimes it is good to distract from your current work so that you can start better thing. Our gym app reminders are working on the same policy to distract you and give you the right information about your current requirement. So start your gym journey today and complete this year with new health resolution for a better living and an active life.

Online Kasrat Gym App – Your Gym Assistant for the gym and personal trainer.

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Online Kasrat – User Opinion is must for gym App enhancement

Kasrat - User Opinion.PNG
Kasrat User opinion

Kasrat is working with its clients not to check them but to provide each and every facility they are asking for. Kasrat is a well-maintained gym provider in Gurgaon Area. It is serving numerous features and best functionality in a single gym app.

Online Kasrat is a step towards those people who are just want to save their extra time and utilize it in more valuable work. Saving gym time is the best because gyms sessions are quite long and sometimes boring too if you have to maintain a diary too for your daily routine. Kasrat is providing an app based diary so that you can directly save it in your phone any time of day. Phone backup can help you to check out it anywhere and anytime you want.

Check out kasrat gym app and its features here – Kasrat (Your Gym Assistant).

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Body Transformation Mirror By Kasrat Gym App

Fat to Fit Body

Gyms defiantly help us to reduce weight and get into the shape we were just thinking about. The Gym provides us a specific timeline and diet boundation to check our complete day. We are under gym gurus influence once we have joined it. It is good because we just have to listen our gym management what to next. But also you will feel little bit hectic with completely gym dependent.

Don’t just join a gym but join our app too. Kasrat Gym App will help you to search a perfect gym for you, match your timing with gym, diet routine, workout routine all will include in it. An app can save all the information in it so that you just have to check what are the instructions given by your assigned gym trainer. Kasrat gym app works as an online trainer. It will also send you notification for you scheduled exercises and daily reminders.

The Best feature of our gym app is Body transformation Mirror. Check out its Screenshot here:-

Body Transformation Mirror1.PNG
Body Transformation Mirror – Kasrat Gym App

Kasrat – Body Transformation Mirror

Body Transformation mirror shows you before and after pictures and complete comparison. You can see a clear difference between you one month and latest pictures. That is what anyone wants when he/she joined a gym. A beautiful change in yourself is a compliment for you not for others. Just to love yourself and start workout today. Help yourself first. Kasrat new feature will show beautiful you using Body Transformation Mirror.


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Kasrat – Make easy for you to select Workout and flexible timing

Gym customer pushes hard to search for a best and suitable gym. The Best gym just not play an important role in their life but also they depend on it for rest of the time. People think joining a gym can easily solve their problems and now they will be fit in no time.

Is this even true?

Is gym subscription enough to change your lifestyle?

Are you now relaxed that you have joined the best available gym in your area?


Gym exercise

Read all the important information about any gyms that you have to look out before join it:-

  • Do not push so hard that you hurt yourself.
  • Search for a gym from the relaxed mind.
  • Prepare a complete list of nearby gyms and available timing.
  • Track their ratings and reviews for gym validation.
  • Check online available profiles of their gyms and videos.
  • Get everything on your call in advance about facilities.
  • Check out all the running offers and compare with others.
Kasrat Gyms

Kasrat is providing all sorts of detail in its app with each associated gym. Kasrat is a market research based gym app that fulfills each and every possibility asked by a gymmer. Kasrat comes with other small features too like – reminders for the daily workout and small diet portion, payment, music, Exercise planner, BMI Calculator etc. Just go to our website for more information.




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Eating disorder can cause serious problem for your health – #Kasrat

Some people just concentrate on their lunch and dinner rather than their health issue. Having great food every time and did not think about stomach can affect figure or overweight you. Continues ignoring to fitness issue and stuck in between food and drinks only degrade a persons life or drag into serious illness.

Eating Disorder

Kasrat will help a person to control their diet or just save what the had in past so our gym experts check and tell them what is good and bad for them. Kasrat is offering so many new features in gym and fitness field.

Online Kasrat gives you personal consultant so that you can check and track your daily diet. Start it today and your tomorrow will be changed and shiny too with the best physic. A person also represents them-self as a marketer perspective. So be ready every time for every situation can be possible by Online Kasrat.

Kasrat Diet Chart

Give a call to check what are other facilities and how to join our community. Online Kasrat community is wide open for everyone, not specific to any gender. Kasrat is a gym provider in Delhi NCR. Check out here more about Kasrat –

You can Email us at

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Smart Workout or Intense Workout – What would you prefer?

Intense Workout

The smart workout includes a strategy to complete the task but Intense workout only focus on exercise and workout in a hard way. The smart way is not a shortcut to practice your daily exercise but its a planner to do something meaningful without harming yourself. On the other side, the Intense workout will not include breaks and time to think, it’s just a continues execution of an action which was defined previously to fulfill the goal.

Smart Workout

Smart Workout will give you time to think and do better rather than just do.

People want a attractive physic in just a couple of months but this is just dangers if you think to increase the intensity and you will get whatever you want. Just because of intensity people lose their temper and trap their self in so many body related problems for a lifetime.

Some gyms misleading by their holdings and ads that they will give your body as you want, but the truth is everybody cant gets the same body or figure. Think about it to go for a smart decision and get a peaceful workout session for yourself.

Check out our gym modules to get the best gym near you to help yourself –


You can Email us at

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How can a gym app change your lifestyle?

Is a single app offers workout and diet programs?

Is there any app for reminders?

Is an app display a mirror image of before and after gym?

Kasrat Modules

Well Yes, all above-mentioned queries can be fulfilled by Kasrat App. Online Kasrat comes with attractive packages from different gyms. Online Kasrat holds various types of gyms with different categories.

Kasrat gyms are divided into three parts men, women and unisex gyms. A user can easily select their preference according to their requirements. Some gyms are not caring for their client’s timing and strict to their timetable but in case of kasrat, App will show you timings according to your choice and availability. Kasrat app is flexible with its features too, it is having new features to show a different perspective of the gym and working out.

Foremost features of Kasrat Gym App:-

  • Gym locator
  • Wish list
  • Attendance
  • Diet Reminders
  • Exercise planner
  • Kasrat Music
  • BMI calculator
  • Body transformation mirror
  • Video Tutorials
  • Payments
  • Gym Profile
  • Daily reminders
  • Broadcasts & News

Get the Kasrat Gym App and enjoy its all facilities –


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Kasrat Gym App – Perfect Combination of Gym Workout and Music

Kasrat gym app comes with some unique features in it. One of them is workout music. Workout with music can enhance willpower to do more intense exercise and for a longer time. Music is also very helpful in avoiding distraction or we can say that increasing the concentration for a particular thing.

Online Kasrat is a logical move in the fitness world. Logical, because it provides best gyms online and there all features and facilities also mentioned online. So that no one just wants to check out the gym but also call and verify them for their facilities right from their phone. No need to go and check out each and every gym for a specific inquiry.



Kasrat gym app music feature specification:

  • Music will automatically be added once you join or subscribe any gym.
  • categories your music choice according to your taste.
  • Provided high-level volume to make more energy around you.
  • A person can add their songs to a playlist.

Kasrat gym app is new but continuously increasing its reach to cover every gym in Gurgaon to place it in Kasrat App. Download Kasrat Gym App here for more update and offers.



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Kasrat – Join Hands to Strengthen Your Physical Health

Kasrat – A new Application in the health category.  Online kasrat gives you feeling of working out on your phone means more laziness in life but it’s not same as it is showing. Online Kasrat is providing facilities to choose from online gym directories so no one has to waste their time to search for the best gym by roaming around. Why go out to visit a gym if you can check them out from your phone.


Search for your gym by your requirements and by your availability. Kasrat will provide you best timings and best features in the app so that you can just focus on your exercise, not on your gym problems.

Once you searched and shortlisted your gyms you can save them in wish-list for future. You can compare gyms for different offers and features. Offers like trial and discount is also available in Kasrat Gym App. If you loved any gym then you can easily subscribe them for Kasrat App and also pay online too. No need to carry cash facility provided by kasrat to digitized everything.


You can schedule your gym workout and diet. It’s totally on you to concentrate on which kind of workout. A person can join the gym for only fitness and can be for making six pack abs. Kasrat will provide their 100% to make you comfortable. Get more information about Kasrat and research work here –

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Kasrat (Your Gym Assistant) App Reviews

Kasrat (Your Gym Assistant) – A newly launched App in Delhi NCR region. Kasrat is comprising all nearby best gyms and new gyms in its repository. Kasrat is a cultivating app for health and fitness.

Why is App important?

People are using the short path to reach anywhere then why they will choose the hardest way to select their gym when they can simply look for the gym from their home and contact them. However, some people still have faith in offline work but in the metro city, it is kind of impossible to go and check each gym in-person. The result will be they will land into a gym which is near but no other facility. So our gym app is a conclusion to all these issues.

How is Kasrat App Supportive?

Kasrat is full of usable features in it.

  • Kasrat is providing full information about listed gyms.
  • Schedule gym timings.
  • Reminding about diet and workout.
  • Provide tutorials for suggested exercises.
  • Video tutorials also available by Kasrat App.

Go and take all the advantages of this new Gym App and save your favorite gym for your health concern. Download Kasrat Gym App here –

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Kasrat Gym App – Nutrition and Diet

A perfect diet is essential for a gym person as well for the regular person. Diet can change or can show its effects on our body in a bad manner. A healthy diet may look like inappropriate, but helps us in to maintain our digestive system.

Digestive can stop at one point to work as fast as it has to be, just because of increment of grease or junk food in regular food. If someone makes their habit to eat only outside and includes no low-fat food, it will make hard for them to back-off their feet after some time as time also show their effects.

Start taking care of your body as early as possible to withdraw all the negative impression. Kick start your new year with suggested diet plans from your gym gurus or can contact a personal doctor to prescribe a special diet chart for you. Sometimes it is more manageable if a person can check what is good or bad for their health. it can change the thinking of overeating and allow themselves to indulge them in great healthy and positive lifestyle and pursue their dreams.

Blend your life with a perfect nutrient. Go ahead and enjoy your life without any regrets in your future. Check out our Kasrat webpage for more information about gym and diet –

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Stay healthy with safety gears for gym – #Kasrat

For your new year resolution for healthy life, A more important aspect is to stay safe with gym gears. Injury or gym accident can be critical in the winter season and also it will a lot of time to recover from it. To get start your gym session just take care of choosing your gears according to your body style and fit so you can be comfortable with a complete gym session.

#Kasrat Gym gear

Proceed with below guidelines and gear important to know before joining the gym:-

  • Do not buy anti-fit cloths
  • Purchase good quality material to prevent skin disease
  • Gym gloves
  • Wrist wrap
  • Hand wrap bandages
  • Anklet support Sleeve brace socks
  • Lifting Straps & Hooks
  • Weight Training Weight Gilet
  • Cap to protect your hair from sweat

A person is joining a gym to gain certain goal not to harm himself. Gym environment is safer nowadays but still, little care is important. Check out our new Kasrat Gym App for more information about gym and reminders –

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Gym App is mandatory or optional? #Kasrat

  • Application  – A solution for all problems in your hand.
  • Gym App – An Application with all your health plan comes handy and walk with you where ever you go.

So is it life necessity or elective?

Gym Application is working as a personal gym trainer if you are in the mood for not going out but do your regular gym workout. It can assist you in upholding your gym routine. It can send your personal reminders or message to start your day and follow up all your ordinary routine. A person can set different reminder according to their work routine so keep up with gym and health-related issues.


Kasrat Gym App – Personal trainer

#Kasrat comes with so many new features to support you for your busy schedule, and provide you some easy to do exercises and safe low-calorie diet so you can keep your energy full plus cop up with your health plan.

#Kasrat is contributing to each phase of your daily routine. A gym member can save their daily exercise with total calorie intake in diet chart and go through it after one month to check your progress.

#Join hands with #Kasrat to get more facilities by Gym App. Read more here about Kasrat gym app programs –

Now you can connect with #Kasrat and share your thoughts here too:-



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Eat-out or Workout – #Kasrat

A family get-together or friends night out, you can not say no to your loved ones for not having food or having the just small portion of food.Friends and Family is the weakest point for anyone and to manage it will be hard on to control your weight too.

In India, old family members are much more food addictive and want their grand-children or any other children from their family consume all the heavy food and if it is a festival time you have to have all the sweets. At that point in time, you just have to forget about your dieting.

#Kasrat Eat-out or workout

So what’s the other option for lose weight or What is good for Eat-out but stay fit?

  • Choose from the fresh available meal plan.
  • Have calorie but take time to chew it.
  • Include fresh juice to cover food demand.
  • Ask to reduce high calorie from your dish.
  • Avoid fried food instead of that order steam food or salad.
  • Schedule 15 min extra for next day workout.
  • Drink green tea instead of tea or coffee.

Eat-out for family but yes focus on workout for you. Get the latest workout and diet details on #Kasrat Application. Install now to enjoy it –

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How to control on diet for healthy and fit body?

Which problem you are facing for healthy lifestyle:-

  • Are you struggling with the bad eating habit?
  • Are you gaining weight tremendously?
  • Are you eating less but gaining more?
  • Are you exercising but no difference in weight?
Kasrat Diet Plan

#Kasrat is providing detail information about food intake requirements a person has to follow in daily life:

1. Prepare Diet Chart

A person should stick to one diet chart. Diet chart is not only helpful in maintaining a fit environment around you but also managing your food craving. Diet should be well prepared because anything in big quantity can lead you to gain weight rather than lose it. So just take a good advice from gym guru and follow it.

2. Divide Diet into Six Portions

Once you make it through diet chart then it turns to divide it into six-part. Have your complete diet in one take will be very harmful so most recommendable diet consumption includes six small portions and six different time interval.

#Kasrat Gym App is providing nearby gyms and with them, diet and exercise routine is also defined. Once subscribed to a gym you will get a particular time interval notification for maintaining diet and schedule remaining diet plan . Kasrat is the best app in Gurgaon for Gym purpose. Install now and get offers for gym subscription here –

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Rejuvenate your fitness goal: Kasrat

Kasrat Modules

Have you already lost your new year goal?


Are you struggling with your fitness mantra?


Let’s start with your fitness mantra – People target their fitness at least priority and work on first. That is why losing fitness is 100% fix. Do not lose hope or start assuming that you can not do gym and exercise with your tight schedule. Gyms are making it easy for you people now.

How are gym more accessible nowadays?

Gyms are basically a morning thing for people though it is a hard thing too for busy human being. So gyms are available with flexible timings and easiest workout routine. Just try to look for gym apps in your free time to check nearby gyms with their timings and meeting point. It can easy your half task to choose gym for you from your home and provide you images and videos of that gym.

What is the next step to fulfill your goal?

Start your day with gym or end with it, just give small time and make a note to join it. Your interest can make it possible for you. If you are on business trip, the gym will provide you your exercise on gym app with all diet plans. Its a best feature of gym app if you get your exercise on your phone with timely reminders.

Join our Kasrta Gym App to get facilitate with all these features here –



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