Be Active and get Motivated with Kasrat Reminders

Gym App with a reminder policy to wake you up for all your pending works for the gym and also for fulfilling your fitness goals. Kasrat App comes with the best feature to set reminders for your need and your requirements to get done any workout or diet planning. Kasrat App is also sending some preassigned task reminders from your gym by your trainer.

Have you heard about any App that works for you?

Yes, you heard correct. That our Kasrat Gym Assistant app is working as an assistant or coworker to give you company for your gym task. An App that gives you full access to its root if you are a subscriber to it. Gym App Subscriber can save their workout, diet, and BMI into it for future reference and calculate it after your one-month completion.

App Reminders not to disturb you but to distract you for you fitness goal

Sometimes it is good to distract from your current work so that you can start better thing. Our gym app reminders are working on the same policy to distract you and give you the right information about your current requirement. So start your gym journey today and complete this year with new health resolution for a better living and an active life.

Online Kasrat Gym App – Your Gym Assistant for the gym and personal trainer.


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